Yoyic and Cross Cultural Communication: The Power of Integrated Marketing Community
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Yoyic and Cross Cultural Communication: The Power of Integrated Marketing Community

Cross cultural communication is a staple subject for any University graduate specialising in the many fields and disciplines of Communication. The word is often bandied about, and most of us would have a predetermined idea of what it means and what it entails. Yet the true practise of it can be lost or seem blurred, even when it’s taking place in front of our very eyes. And considering the major role it actually holds when working and operating in a globalized business world, being ignorant to the power it possesses would be very remiss.

The differences in customs and practices across borders lends natural barriers when trying to conduct international business in all its forms. And its presence in the world of marketing couldn’t be more apparent. And ensuring that overseas companies are able to successfully convey and ‘sell’ their product into a local market, needs extensive cross-cultural communication. And no other mechanism could be more helpful to the cause than by utilizing community marketing through integrated marketing communication to bridge these gaps.

A case in point is Yoyic’s recent entrance into the Indonesian market. Ever since approaching Interface in an effort to move their fermented milk beverage products locally, Singapore’s Mengniu Group hope to break into the local market with a degree of panache by showing its understanding and acceptance of local culture and practices.

This is where Kandi Windoe of Interface pulled off a masterstroke. Charged with fronting Mengniu’s entrance into the Indonesian market, Ms. Windoe opted to utilize community marketing through integrated marketing communication to bridge the gap between a foreign corporation unfamiliar with the habits and practices of the nation with the potential consumers it hopes to entice.

So how did this take place? Interface understood fully the challenge it faced and opted for a two-pronged public relations approach: to launch the product during the holy month of Ramadan while accentuating Yoyic’s strength as a product: namely being a healthy drink that is beneficial to one’s digestive system.

Why the month of Ramadan? Because it lies at the heart of the community Yoyic wishes to penetrate. It is the month where Indonesian families and communities gather to start and break their fast. And Ms. Windoe saw the potential of showcasing that Yoyic would be the perfect companion for these communities in supplementing their diet. The decision to market during the month of Ramadan has its advantages: first of all, it taps into Indonesian’s love for culinary culture and the central role it plays during the holy month.

Instead of focusing on Yoyic’s active role to the digestive tract, it conveys the message that consumers are able to consume the product to supplement something that they already love: food. It also holds a secondary advantage as no other competitor allocates marketing funds during the fasting month, which means zero competition. Having little to no competition helps in implementing the brand into the hearts and minds of consumers.

The message was simple yet clear: start your fast and break it with Yoyic, a healthy drink solution in the form of tasty and enjoyable yogurt that uses live probiotics imported from Denmark to provide better nutrition to develop and ensure the right intake of nutrition, thus supporting a healthier and happier lifestyle to the nation. This message was enforced with a multi-pronged integrated marketing communication strategy that focused on the three layers of integration.

The first was that Interface teamed up with NAVA+’s very own Advis to utilize its expertise in trade marketing. Advis proved invaluable in its building and driving sales promotion ROI through its understanding of the retail environment and creating a competitive advantage and value for clients across trade channels access to reliable distribution channels across the nation. The second was integrating all the available marketing channels in order to successfully deliver the message. These included digital marketing by creating short and concise videos that play up Yoyic’s strengths, sales promotions, strategic media buying as well as targeted offline marketing.

The third layer was the community itself. Interface set the official launch on 6 May 2019, providing free samples of Yoyic in mosques around the capital. This phase saw representatives of Mengniu attend the launch, showcasing to them the importance of community marketing in getting the brand into the public’s minds through methods and channels that are close to the community’s heart.

The successful launch of Yoyic in Indonesia this month reaffirmed Interface’s belief in community marketing by using integrated marketing communication across all channels. It shows that overseas brands need not fear tapping into a new market, providing it understands the community and target market it wishes to be part of.