What Brand Activation Agency Can Do?

What Brand Activation Agency Can Do?

The high-intensity level of business competition climate has made the company ought to think harder to develop and maintain their product or brand in the market. It doesn’t seem that many companies have to provide a service that has character, feature, and somehow unique. To deal with this challenge, companies in big cities like Jakarta need a strategy called brand activation; one of many ways – if not the only one, to market their products that focuses on the connection between the products and the consumers.

In the era when everything has gone digital, brand owners simply cannot just market their products. Instead, they have to pay attention to the customers and fully understand that they are willing to listen to them because every market is unique and in need of special requirement that varies. According to Delamar, people have developed a measurement which is called self-centered. What the company should do is applying a method that is called brand activation.

What is brand activation?

Brand activation is a strategy of marketing activity that is applied to interact the consumers in many ways using integrated communication channels like television, radio, press, internet, events, social media, etc. It does have purposes, ultimately to change the consumers’ habit in maintaining their loyalties towards the brand or products. It has to consists of communication message to both activate take-to-action and call-to-action messages.

So far, we may conclude that brand activation is all about promoting products to market. Well, it is not entirely wrong, but the phrase essentially refers to the process of making the brand known to people. It is to increase awareness and engagement through brand experience. It takes many forms and the use of multiple channels. However, the objective stays the same; inspire developing a long-term engagement relationship with the consumers creatively.

Brand activation agency – why so important?

When we arrived in creative and critical thinking, brand owners might not want to be bothered with. They can focus on the production; the sell ins and outs and all. Many companies lack the experience, men power, and specific skills to develop a cohesive brand story that resonates effectively with their audience—or in this context, the consumers. This is where brand activation can help.

Brand activation creates, somehow, an emotional engagement to consumers. They tend to connect with the brands they are buying. It is not easy to do such a thing as it takes ages to engage products to consumers. Let us take an example, Nokia. The mobile company once stopped producing for some reasons, notably, they were not ready to compete with other manufacturers as the era has gone digital. However, Nokia has left the most important thing in the mind of the people; the legacy. Microsoft has taken the manufacture, but people still call the product as Nokia. That is called emotional engagement, and that is what brand activation does.

How does brand activation agency work?

Brand activation works both online and offline. The goals remain the same; successfully creating brand awareness, increasing consumers’ interest to at least try the products and building a strong bond with the consumers. The agency is demanded to prepare everything creatively, carefully, character-oriented, and often digitally. You may as well hear more about the digital agency, which is presumably the same.


A good agency should not just jump right into ideas. It has to be started with strategy first instead of tactics. So, it always starts with “why” rather than “how” because that will define the goals. It is important to understand that the brand activation campaign is not always measured by sales. It focuses on building and deepening consumers’ relationship. Brand activation agency should also analyze the consumers’ reach based on data.

To complete that, brand activation agency has to predict customer behavior. Predictive analysis is probably “the hottest thing” in marketing because it helps to improve ROI (Return on Investment). It is a measurement used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment of several different investments.

Some examples of brand activation

  •   Product Sampling Campaign

This is probably the best way to target the audience by distributing free samples that is yet to be launched in the market. The brand activation agency should look into analysis by gathering the related data to further create a prediction and long-term projects.

  •   Experiential Campaign

This method lines with digital ideas because along with the latest and modern technology, brand activation agency can work virtually to showcase the products.

  •   Offline Campaign

It may cost more than the rest, but the impact is more direct in terms of sales and branding. The company will display the products in open space (or events) followed by any information regarding the promo and all. However, the activation can be done online by informing the targeted audiences.

Brand activation allows brands or companies to strengthen the emotional engagement to customers. However, since the implementation can be challenging, a brand activation agency like Nava+ is here to help you come up with the right brand activation strategies. Go to to get more information about our service!

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