Social Media Consumption Behavior during Covid-19
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Social Media Consumption Behavior during Covid-19

As we all know, we are experiencing a period when extraordinary events occur. Corona outbreak or better known as Covid-19 comes as we enter a new decade. Of course there are many aspects that have changed for people whose activities are taken away.

Changes in Activities During the Pandemic


Based on the data, there are at least 2.6 billion people who are forced to be unable to carry out activities due to social distancing and physical distancing in various affected countries. However, this actually makes many people change their activity patterns.

With so much time spent at home, it automatically makes people rely on information technology such as social media and other internet media to be able to carry out activities that cannot be done such as work, shopping to access updated information about the latest conditions.

How is Media Consumption Pattern During Covid-19?


Based on data taken by webforumindex many activities outside the home that cannot be done since the pandemic occurred. This makes many people divert it with activities on the internet such as accessing news, watching streaming services and shopping online.

Then how did the change in media consumption patterns that occurred during Covid-19 take place? Based on data obtained by visualcapitalist, there are differences in media consumption patterns between the 4 generations that exist today. Namely Between Baby Boomers, Gen x, Millenials and Gen Z.

Millennials and Gen Z Tend to Be Adaptive to Online Media

social media consumption on Gen Z and Millenials

Statistically there are two patterns that occur. Where the Millennial generation and Gen z are more dominant to consume online video or streaming services on the internet. This is not surprising, because of easy internet access and understanding of these two generations of technology. Besides streaming entertainment services such as music streaming and online news also dominate these two generations.

Gen X and Baby Boomers Still Consume conventional TV

While baby boomers and Gen X still have the same pattern, although there are slight differences. In terms of media consumption, conventional TV is still an idol medium for these two generations in obtaining information. Although Gen X also shows a tendency to watch online videos and also cable TV or online TV.

Baby boomer and Gen X social media consumption

What Kind of Content Was Seen During the Pandemic Period?

With the change in media consumption patterns as happened above. Then of course it will definitely change the demographic map of the type of platform or content that people are looking for during this pandemic. This could be an opportunity for brands or companies to deal with changing competition.

In general, of course people will look for a platform that can provide a busy or just need time when there is no activity that can be done at home. Based on Web Forum Index data, one of the most favorite activities carried out during the pandemic is:

  • Watch news information about the plague
  • Watch a movie streaming service
  • Listen to music streaming

The data also helps us to be able to conclude that the shift in media consumption from conventional digital. This also occurs in demographics that tend to be young. Namely in the two youngest generations, namely Gen z and Millennial.

Favorite Platform During Pandemic


With this pattern, online streaming services such as films, music and other types of entertainment have increased in terms of sales. As quoted by Jakarta Post, the Netflix movie streaming service experienced a sign-up surplus and a significant number of subscribers throughout this co-19 lockdown. They are flooded with a total of 16 million subscribers worldwide. Where in 2020 they only targeted an increase of 7 million additional subscribers throughout 2020.

On the other hand, the decline itself was very drastic in the offline industry such as the cinema screen and the food and beverage industry in general. This indicates that changes in media consumption patterns have really changed. And of course, it will affect the business strategy and marketing carried out by the company in the future.

Marketing Solutions for The Brand During Covid-19


For industries that rely on direct sales or rely on interactions with customers. Then this is a blow to many industries. Many companies have finally decided to downsize amid this uncertain situation. This is quite understandable, considering that many companies have to re-evaluate funding, especially operational and marketing costs.

Many people are actually careful about allocating their money. So that many industries also have lethargic impacts. However, there are several ways you can overcome this problem. There are always opportunities behind difficulties.

Some companies have adaptive ways of dealing with conditions like this. One thing that can be done is to collaborate and transform into the digital world. Some ways can be done as follows:

Establish Cooperation with the Logistics Industry

If your company is a retail industry and has a lot of inventory. Then of course the stock of goods will be very piling up due to weak purchasing power. However, there are ways that can be tricked to keep the business going. You should collaborate with the logistics industry to sell online.

This has been done by several large marketplace companies such as Shopee and Tokopedia. By cooperating with service companies such as Grab and Gojek. They offer express food delivery services. So that it keeps the seller’s inventory in it running and doesn’t make a loss.

On the other hand, this is a breath of fresh air for online transportation service companies, remembering that they are prohibited from attracting passengers and may only transport goods and packages.

Install Digital Ads

Because there is a large consumption pattern on the internet or digital world. This makes people spend more time online. Thus, this is an opportunity that must be observed carefully. Then you can maximize the role of digital marketing as the spearhead for sales in the company.

Based on data from one of the Supreme Master of SEOs Neil Patel, said that this trend is happening because companies like Netflix reduce the quality of their streaming. So that more and more people are accessing websites and getting traffic. Conditions like this make ads more inexpensive.

Create Engaging Environment With Customer

With many lockdown conditions in various regions. So companies must rack their brains to be able to continue to get interactions to be able to continue to run marketing strategies. Thus, it can continue to make customers keep up with the products offered online.

For example, sports apparel giant Nike is carrying out activities that are quite unique in the midst of current conditions. By launching the Nike Training Club app which also offers a workout streaming service, an exercise program with professional trainers. And it’s all free for anyone who encourages awareness to do sports even if only from the room. This container also serves to be, the main bridge of Nike product marketing to its customers amid such a situation


The conclusion is, that there is a change in media consumption in the midst of these conditions. Many new patterns and mapping of digital services will certainly change the way companies have to adapt to deal with this situation. Including in terms of marketing and services for products and companies. However, regardless of the situation. There are opportunities that appear to be achieved by marketers.

So, no matter what the business. All experienced significant impacts. Each company also has the responsibility to continue to provide the best service with changes in media consumption in recent times.