Case Study: YoyiC, Community Marketing & Social Media
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Case Study: YoyiC, Community Marketing & Social Media

As presented in last month’s article highlighting Interface and Advis’ joint effort in utilising community marketing in presenting YoyiC to the Indonesian market, a case study has developed that showcases the effectiveness of using such an approach. We at NAVA+, as a social media agency Jakarta would like to take a more concise look into what makes it so effective.

This article will delve deeper into the nooks and crannies of the successful utilization of community marketing and cross-cultural communication in bridging gaps in order to bring awareness of an overseas brand hoping to break into a new market. More importantly, it will also take a closer look at the role social media played in the success of the campaign: showcasing NAVA+’s prominence as a social media agency Jakarta.

Yet in order to peel the layers of this case-study, let us start from the beginning. Namely, what was the task at hand?

Interface was given the opportunity of assisting YoyiC, a fermented milk beverage brand of Singapore’s Mengniu Group that wishes to establish itself in the local market with a degree of panache by showing its understanding and acceptance of local culture and practices. To this end, Interface advised YoyiC to launch their product during the holy month of Ramadan by accentuating YoyiC’s strength as a product: namely being a healthy drink that is beneficial to one’s digestive system.

The timing of the launch was chosen carefully as the fasting period lies at the heart of the community YoyiC wishes to penetrate. It is the month where Indonesian families and communities gather to start and break their fast. Furthermore, it taps into Indonesian’s love for culinary culture and the central role it plays during the holy month. Instead of focusing on YoyiC’s active role to the digestive tract, it conveys the message that consumers are able to consume the product to supplement something that they already love: food.

It also holds a secondary advantage as no other competitor allocates marketing funds during the fasting month, which means zero competition. Having little to no competition helps in implementing the brand into the hearts and minds of consumers. The message was simple yet clear: start your fast and break it with YoyiC, a healthy drink solution in the form of tasty and enjoyable yogurt that uses live probiotics imported from Denmark to provide better nutrition to develop and ensure the right intake of nutrition, thus supporting a healthier and happier lifestyle to the nation.

So how was this achieved?

Put simply, the communication was integrated through all channels in order to successfully deliver the message. These could be broken down into three:

  1. ATL: by creating both short & concise television commercials as well as in-store sales promotions, strategic media buying as well as targeted offline marketing
  2. Samples: to enforce the message, trials were also conducted in the community itself by providing free samples of YoyiC in mosques and transportation stations around the capital.
  3. Digital marketing: creating content that played up YoyiC’s strengths, centred around the #yoyicramadansehat hashtag, a tried-and-trusted method used by full service digital marketing agencies. Furthermore, as a social media agency Jakarta, this section would prove to be vital.

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Community Marketing & Social Media


The three strategies, while employing offline methods such as traditional TVCs and handing out physical samples, firmly utilized the power of social media management and marketing in order to get its message across. This in itself fully embraces Indonesia’s role as one of the most prominent adapters of social media.

While TVCs are often associated with traditional ATL channels, the ad was also aired on YouTube, which garnered 3.352.785 views during its month long airing. For the brand’s Instagram page, the 69.568 samples provided to various communities resulted in a 350% increase in the brand’s IG following. In addition, YoyiC’s Facebook page saw 146.003 new followers as a result of paid advertisements. In total, YoyiC’s total engagement for all content related to ramadan numbered at 434.961 as well as a 12.827.050 total impression on all ads during the campaign.

YoyiC’s successful campaign during the month of ramadan not only reaffirmed Interface’s belief in community marketing strategies by using integrated marketing communication across all channels, it also accentuated NAVA+’s role as a prominent social media agency Jakarta.

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