Pathfinders: Finding a Path for Every Brand
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Pathfinders: Finding a Path for Every Brand

Pathfinders is a brand and retail design consulting unit that helps define the optimum direction for your brand. Starting from brand audit, strategic brand development, communication strategy and brand visualisation, Pathfinders redefines the brand and retail experiences that are relevant to the consumer behaviour.  


Pathfinders believes that every brand has its own path. It exists to craft the path for brands, set the right direction for the brand, make “own-able” brand stories and consumer connected experiences in channels. Pathfinders goes beyond the mainstream to cut through and create tailor-made solutions to develop brand craftsmanship, as well as changing the brand and consumer behaviour – integrate or customise!


To get a better understanding of the work done by Pathfinders, here are three case-studies that could paint a clearer picture. 


FiberCreme: The Next Trend of a Healthy Lifestyle


FiberCreme is a local custom-made product for consumers looking to avoid dairy in their diets. It is the first multipurpose creamer that brings disruption to its category; able to replace creamers, dairy milk as well as coconut milk. Its health factor is also a unique selling point as it is high on fibre, low on cholesterol, free of gluten as well as having a low dose of glucose, perfect for the discernible customer wanting a healthy alternative to dairy.  



Pathfinders were approached to create the complete brand strategy, packaging design, retail visibility as well as the digital launch campaign. In essence, to launch and raise awareness for a new brand in a market where creamers are generally perceived as being unhealthy and unadaptable. To execute this, Pathfinders created a digital campaign that asked people to have a healthy friendship with their ‘guilty food pleasures’. Kicked off by creating a movie trailer as a teaser, the full campaign was underlined by two full videos that described the relationship between the individuals with ‘unhealthy’ food & beverage items: namely cheesecake and coffee, and how FiberCreme played a vital role in consolidating that relationship. 


The campaign was amplified through social media, digital channels, public relations, recipe videos, and on-ground activations, with #LetsBeFriendsAgain forming the main call-to-action of the campaign. 



IKEA: How to Make a Catalog Exciting


IKEA is the unmistakable market leader in furniture retail. Delving into ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, the Swedish multinational company produces a free yet in-depth catalog that acts as the primary tool to showcase their products and services as well as to provide home furnishing inspiration.



As the catalog is often overlooked and under-appreciated in the local market, Pathfinders were tasked with creating and amplifying local awareness to the catalog; namely its availability, function, as well as its role as an effective marketing tool. The end goal is to attract higher traffic to the IKEA store and website. To fulfil this, Pathfinders created a campaign that positioned the IKEA catalog to be more than just a listing of products, yet as a book that told stories and painted pictures. The campaign was centred around the launch of a new catalog where offline and online activations invited customers to create a storytelling video where participants read out the IKEA catalog in a variety of classic literary styles including comedy, drama, horror, and romance. 


The campaign utilised every channel: online, offline and on-air, which ended in a successful catalog launch.  


Matahari Department Store: Stealing Momentums to Feel Good


Matahari is pioneering in the local department store and retail market and was founded in Jakarta in 1958. Since its establishment, Matahari has grown to be one of the nation’s leading department stores with more than 150 outlets in over 70 cities, boasting a workforce of over 450.000 employees throughout the archipelago. 


Despite its historical success, the influx of newer local and international department stores flooding the market has made Matahari Department Store lag behind the times. More specifically, the company feels that it lacks a certain emotional connection with its customers. Pathfinders were tasked with reestablishing this relationship by repositioning the brand as a ‘feel good’ place to shop: reminding customers that shopping with others is more meaningful and in turn, makes you feel good. To achieve this, two TVCs were created to reinforce this message. The commercials revolved around two tales of families celebrating Chinese New Year and Lebaran in a spirit of tolerance and diversity, with the main message being that ‘why they shop’ is more meaningful than ‘what they buy’.


Pathfinders is headed by Irvan Permana, who launched his career after completing his undergraduate education at Parahyangan Catholic University before undergoing his first years of work experience in the world of corporate branding. After spending over a decade working in various companies across a number of fields, Irvan strengthened his knowledge in business analysis and branding to guide businesses to higher profitability and success. He joined Iris Worldwide in 2012 and within under a year found himself as head brand consultant at Pathfinders after transforming it from being a simple idea and support unit to becoming one of NAVA+ Group business units. Irvan’s specialities are amongst others: Brand Management, Brand Development Strategy and Implementation for Corporate Branding, Product Branding, as well as Internal and Program Branding.