Navigating Brand Awareness during “New Normal” Post Covid-19
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Navigating Brand Awareness during “New Normal” Post Covid-19

Entering the new-normal era after some time later almost all over the world experienced a corona virus pandemic. Which makes many aspects of the industry and the economy sluggish for a while. However, as the saying goes, storms must pass. Behind a difficult time there are certainly several opportunities that arise.


This makes many brands have to rack their brains in doing the right marketing. Strategic steps or new business models must be carefully calculated so that the company can continue to operate. Included in the brand awareness of the public. There are many aspects that must be changed because of the current situation


Fast-Changing Brand Approach Strategy is The Solution


One thing that brands and companies can do is take a different approach to post-epidemics situations in many countries. The survival of a brand is very dependent on several factors such as a proactive marketing approach and the additional capital needed.


There are some interesting facts that appear. The Economic Times reports that there is a 70% decline for the retail and inventory industries. But on the contrary there was an increase in online purchases by 15%. This is an opportunity that can be used as a basis for the right brand awareness approach.


Here are some brand awareness approaches that can be taken to deal with the “new normal” situation like now


  1. Expanding Brand Discoveries

If your brand used to rely on only a few digital and conventional channel platforms. So now is the time to re-analyze how effective the campaign is.


Based on survey data conducted by We Are Social of 40,327 people who polled “on which platform, did people find new products or brands on the internet?” about the cosmetics industry. There is an interesting fact, that the biggest contributor is through Ads on social media, followed by recommendations and posts of beauty influencers.


Although only done in the cosmetics industry, but this is enough to give an idea of how consumer behavior and the approach that needs to be done. That is to multiply the approach through various platforms and influencers can be one surefire solution in expanding brand awareness.


  1. Showing Sympatic Gesture

Although this may not directly have a direct impact on sales conversions. However, in times like now building sympathy is a priority and must be done by the brand to win the hearts of customers and potential customers.


Besides being the responsibility of the company in managing a healthy community. Later, if the brand can show sympathy. Then the brand will get good credibility and be trusted in the future. This is not an instant investment but a long-term investment involving the good name of a brand or company later on.


  1. Spread the Positive Vibes

Instead of providing continuous information about the development of the pandemic. it would be better to give a positive impression in dealing with situations like now. It would be more beneficial than giving a negative impression which would ultimately have an impact of fear on society.


  1. Optimizing The CRM Tools

Dengan mengidentifikasi kebutuhan pelanggan secara detail, tools CRM akan membantu Anda dalam mengintegrasikan data seputar pelanggan maupun pelanggan potensial yang dapat dijaring oleh brand Anda. Dengan data tersebut Anda dapat melakukan strategi hingga funneling bisnis yang tepat. 


Di era Covid-19, penggunaan interenet yang semakin meningkat membuat data yang dihimpun jadi lebih luas. Ini merupakan peluang yang tepat bagi brand dalam menargetkan grup yang tepat melalui social media hingga email marketing kepada calon pelanggan. 


  1. Choose the Right Brand Agencies

The last step that can be done is to choose the right brand agency in handling around increasing brand awareness. Agency experience in providing value to a brand can also be a benchmark in choosing the right brand agency.


NAVA + has a long experience in building brand image from all aspects. Services like CRM are one of our main services. To be able to develop a brand in these uncertain conditions, NAVA + can be the best and right solution in helping you achieve your goals in developing brand awareness as a whole.