Reference Book for Understanding Integrated Marketing Communication

Reference Book for Understanding Integrated Marketing Communication

In the era of information advancement, there are many ways that people can get access to information. With this convenience, the company has many gaps that can be utilized as part of marketing communications from the company to get a larger market share. One way is to use the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) approach.

Integrated Marketing Communication is the alignment of several direct marketing and marketing communication programs. It aims to be able to do a mapping of the intended target market. Thus the marketing division can do a more detailed analysis to be more right on target and achieve the targets set by the company.
Although it is already widely used by companies nowadays, many marketing teams in many companies do not understand integrated marketing communication. Here are some reference books to be able to learn the various benefits derived from internet marketing communication.
Integrated Marketing Communication Reference Book

Social Media and Integrated Marketing Communication: A Rhetorical Approach, Jeanne Persuit


This book tells about the important role of the integrated marketing communication approach in exploring the potential of marketing communication from the various platforms mainly available now. There are many insights that have the potential for development such as the corporate identity sector, the brand being built and the targeted audience. With this approach, companies are expected to be more engaged with their customers.
This book discusses the close relationship between the IMC and social media. Furthermore, social media is said to be a powerful media to be able to implement the company’s marketing communication activities to its customers. As well as reviewing the study of the IMC with an ethical approach with consumers that can change consumption behavior in communication theory at a broader level.

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Integrated Marketing Communications, Hans Oweursloot & Tom Duncan


This book tells about the principles and practices of the marketing world. IMC is one of the principles applied in marketing in various aspects of the company. Because IMC has many advantages by integrating various types of marketing communication. Because integrated has a goal as part of the organization or company image. This book is very suitable for novice marketers as a guide in running the IMC to achieve goals which have been set.

The IMC Handbook, J. Steven Kelly and Susan K. Jones


This book is a collection of essays about sample case studies that occur to consumers. From this book, marketing can learn about the right approach to carry out marketing strategies to consumers. By reading this book, you can find the right marketing communication strategy formula for the company and the product being sold. In addition, the insight provided by this book is also important for analyzing how diverse consumer behavior. There are many factors that can cause a variety of customer behavior. Mapping customer types can also be an important factor in the success of Integrated Marketing Communication.

Integrated Marketing Communication: Creative Strategy, Robyn Blakeman

This book on marketing discusses how marketing strategies require fresh and creative ideas to be able to reach consumers. With creative ideas that can emerge from anywhere, there is a lot of marketing communication potential that can be explored to get consumers’ attention to the product. Thus the target audience feels they need the product. Further discussing the relationship between advertising, marketing and public communication in more depth. The discussion that was displayed was also very intriguing to the readers to test various cases with scientific approaches and also professional thinking from experts working in the field of marketing communication.

Integrated Marketing Communication, Komunikasi Pemasaran di Indonesia

The book written by Totok Amien Soefijanto and Ika Karlina Idris is a book about a study of marketing communication in Indonesia. Consumer behavior in Indonesia is increasingly dynamic with the development of technology and the increasingly advanced digital world. This is a challenge for the marketing team in many companies in Indonesia as the place for this book research. IMC can be a solution in responding to these challenges.
The ability to be able to integrate various marketing communication components is a crucial thing in order to meet customer needs and target markets. On the customer side, they also feel that the related brand / company can continue to engage with their communication style, one of which is through various rapidly growing social media and electronic media with vast possibilities.

After reading a number of references related to books on integrated marketing communication, it increasingly explains how important marketing is as the spearhead of a company in running its business. Various strategies such as sales promotion, direct selling, interactive marketing can be applied as part of a company’s marketing communication. That way the target market will be in line with the achievement targets set by the company. Advances in technology also help marketing activities both in terms of companies and consumers.

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