How Social Media Statistics Will Help Brands?
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How Social Media Statistics Will Help Brands?

Data Is The New Gold

This is probably a term that has emerged in recent years. To prove the data can be more valuable than gold may be a bit excessive, because the data is a hot commodity discussed at this time. However, with the use of the internet which is quite extensive almost all over the world. Then every company or brand competes to collect data from users on the internet.

It aims to be able to understand consumer behavior in cyberspace and can help brands in providing the right marketing strategies and decisions. So no wonder, many brands end up trading data about their users on the market. Although it is a new thing, but almost every company or digital-based brand has done this.

To Know the Right Market For Brands

The main purpose of gathering social media statistics worldwide range of data is to be able to find out which target market is the right one and do the right strategy for the brand in approaching the customer. Because the marketing strategy will certainly require substantial costs. That way, the brand will certainly expect a good Return On Investment (ROI) for the funds spent.

For example, Hootsuite provides information about the many brands that are starting to consider putting their ads on the tiktok platform. This has become a trend among brands and digital marketing agencies so far. This trend was triggered by Tiktok’s increasing performance as a social media platform with the most users in the world, such as a report released by Hootsuite that said Tiktok had successfully reached 500 million active users in 2019.

Know the Target Audience Demographics

Another benefit is that you can map the demographics of social media users. That way you can find out what social media platforms are most appropriate for use by brands.

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For example the statistical data above can provide a description of the demographics of the type of content sought by the user’s age range. With this information, brands can determine the right target audience after that, run a strategy that is consistent with these statistics.


If you want an optimal result from a marketing strategy on social media . Of course you will think about how to expand your brand network. The first step is to collect data from the platform to be addressed. This is the first step that will be crucial to make the right effort. Namely identifying the target audience correctly.

Demographics of these data will greatly help you in understanding your target audience in more detail and specifics from social media statistic worldwide . For example, if you are targeting millennials or even generation Z, of course all kinds of efforts deployed will be based on data and the type of content that would have been liked by both generations. This is where the demographic role of statistics we talked about above.

In brief, the following are statistics or demographics that you can use to be able to understand the pattern of your target audience that you are aiming at on social media:

  • updates on size, growth, and demographics.
  • insights on how people are accessing, using, and behaving on the platform.
  • actionable numbers on how brands can succeed there