Digital Marketing Measurement to Analyze Your Strategy

Digital Marketing Measurement to Analyze Your Strategy

There are so many great digital marketing Jakarta agencies that offer extraordinary campaign ideas for your brand. But no matter how great they think their digital marketing strategies are, it’s still very important to measure them. This measurement allows you to determine if your digital marketing is a success. Through this measurement, you will get valuable data and information that will help you analyze your digital marketing strategies.

Have you set your goals?


First thing first, you need to set objective, achievable goals. You can’t measure success without goals. These goals are what will guide you throughout your digital marketing campaign and measurement. If you don’t have clear goals, what are you really measuring? So, let us ask you again: what are your goals? If you haven’t set any, you can apply the SMART technique when determining goals.

  • Specific – What do you need to achieve? Provide a clear description of it.
  • Measurable – Include a metric with a target that indicates success.
  • Achievable – Determine a target, but keep it realistic.
  • Relevant – Keep your goal consistent.
  • Time-bound – Set a date for when your goal needs to be achieved.

Create a measurement template

Measuring your digital marketing strategies can be messy. That’s why you need a template to help you put together a success measurement. By creating a template, it will provide you with valuable insight. Ideally, a measurement template includes several things such as:

  • Initial goals
  • An overview of what happened during the digital marketing campaign
  • Things that worked best (and what you learned from them)
  • Things that didn’t work as well as planned (and what you learned from them)

Important metrics to measure


When it comes to creating a digital marketing campaign or strategy, most digital marketing Jakarta agencies rely on the website and social media to execute it. In order to measure the success of digital marketing, there are many metrics a digital marketing agency should include. We’ve made a list of which metrics you should include on your digital marketing measurement.

Website metrics

Overall website traffic
A website is the face of your brand. That’s why many digital marketing Jakarta agencies will likely focus on driving traffic there. Measuring website traffic metrics gives you many insightful data to help you analyze your digital marketing ideas and strategy. You’ll know which campaigns are working and which are not.
In order to do this, make sure to optimize all pages on your website with relevant keywords. Make it a part of your content marketing. You can also publish in-depth content on your website regularly.

Traffic by source
Every website visitor comes from different sources. Some come directly by typing your website address on the browser, some come from the organic search, and some come from referral. It’s important to know where your website visitors are coming from so you’ll know which sources drive the most visitors. The information you get from this metric can help you narrow down where you’ll spend your time creating content marketing.

Bounce rate
Content marketing is an important part of digital marketing. Ask this to any digital marketing Jakarta agencies, and they will most likely agree. As long as you create a relevant that speaks to your target audience, your digital marketing will succeed. However, many people still think that content marketing is all about keywords as it is strongly related to SEO. Well, how about we tell you that keywords are not the only factor that determines SEO?
Another important thing you should consider is the bounce rate. This metric refers to the percentage of people who leave from your website after viewing only one page. There are many reasons why people do this, whether it’s because the website takes too long to load, an error page loaded, or they did not immediately find what they’re looking for.

Social media metrics

Social media application to measure how effective digital marketing strategy is

Audience growth rate
To know how quickly you gain followers on social media, this is the metric you should include on your digital marketing measurement. In most cases, digital marketing Jakarta agencies utilize several social media platforms at once. So, measure your new followers on each platform. Divide your new followers by your total audience on each platform, then multiply it by 100.

Average engagement rate
As the name suggests, this metric refers to the number of engagement actions such as likes and shares that a post receives. It’s important to measure since higher engagement means your content marketing is relatable to your target audience. So, if possible, measure the engagement rate of every post you upload on social media platforms. Don’t worry if the actual number of your shares, likes, and comments is low. What’s more important is if your brand has a high engagement rate.

Social share of voice
Through this metric, you’ll know how many people are mentioning your brand on social media. Mentions can be direct (example: @digitalmarketingjakarta) or indirect (example: Digital marketing Jakarta). Social share of voice (SsoV) allows you to learn how visible and relevant your brand is in the market, especially in the digital presence like social media.
It’s important for digital marketing Jakarta agencies to know that a digital marketing campaign doesn’t stop even when it succeeds. You still need to do the measurement process to find out what you might miss and what you can do to create better strategies in the future. Good luck!