The Future of the world of Digital Marketing Jakarta, Wider and Growing

The Future of the world of Digital Marketing Jakarta, Wider and Growing

Digital marketing has become increasingly important in recent years, becoming the excellence of companies in the way they market their products. Many companies have started to shift from conventional marketing to digital. The development of digital marketing Jakarta and many other big cities also experienced a similar trend. The development of digital technology is increasingly sophisticated and public access in social media are becoming very massive.
In Jakarta, digital marketing is increasingly popular. The terms used are increasingly familiar to our ears. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), E-commerce is not something foreign anymore to the ears and eyes of the public. Digital marketing competition are very tight and enough to have a significant impact on the public.

This is an opportunity that actually happens and can unwittingly be an effective effort to attract consumers. As data released by in January 2018 shows that there is an increase in people accessing various content regarding digital marketing. As in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sector, company websites, social media and content creation for business have increased budgets above 50% in 2017 in comparison to 2016.
This is an indicator that the industry has begun to switch to the digital world in terms of how to market their products. Thus what distinguishes digital marketing from conventional marketing in general?

Digital Marketing vs. Conventional Marketing


If carefully considered, marketing in general is an activity carried out by the company to be able to have the product they own and facilitate customers / prospective customers to be able to buy the product. The method used can be in the form of distributing advertising brochures, advertisements on TV or newspapers, making billboards or making customer calls to use the products or services the company offered.
Whereas digital marketing works with a similar principle, but uses different media. With the availability of the internet and the world wide web, marketing activities can be done more sporadically and on target. The method used can be through social media, through SEO, SEM or even by using visuals on video channels that can be accessed for free on the internet. Internet access is getting better and wider, making people inevitably exposed to digital marketing. Companies don’t want to be left behind to switch to digital marketing before they are overtaken by their business competitors.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

There are various advantages gained by companies when using digital marketing strategies. Are as follows :


With the breadth of information that can be accessed on the Internet. The public can search for content that suits their needs. This allows companies to freely direct content that will be directed towards marketing needs. As with SEO, people tend to choose content that is relevant to their needs. That way, the effort made by the company can be efficient without having to guess whether the marketing is done on target or not.

Cost Efficient

With efficient effort, the budget issued will not swell. Because many platforms such as social media or SEO do not incur costs to be able to do marketing. Compared if companies have to hire people as sales marketing and marketing activities conventionally. Then of course the costs incurred will be far different.
On the other hand, the brands can also spread a variety of content in accordance with the strategies made by the marketing division. The more interesting and relevant the contents are created, the greater the chance for the public to see your marketing content.

Instant Interactions

Another advantage gained is the interaction between brands and consumers can be done faster. Like in social media or blog comments, consumers can submit comments or questions about the brand. This makes marketing performance in promoting the brand even better, because rapid interaction will make customers feel served and customer satisfaction increases.

Traffic Analysis That Can Be Monitored

One other advantage that you get is that you can monitor the movement of content marketing that is being run. With digital marketing, you can analyze data through analytic tools that present data about visitors coming to the website or opening content on social media brands. From this data, you can make decisions regarding digital marketing strategies that will be carried out in the short and long term.

Factors That Support the Development of Digital Marketing Jakarta


Number of Internet users

According to data from a survey conducted by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) in April 2019 and aired by Kompas media, 171.17 million inhabitants out of a total of 264 million Indonesians are internet users. This data is enough to illustrate how many people access the internet in their daily activities. More than half of Indonesia’s population has internet access.

This makes companies realize that the world of digital marketing is the future of marketing itself.
Whereas in Jakarta which is the capital of the country is one of the places that is the benchmark of Indonesia’s progress, it is certainly a very potential market. Given the many economic activities carried out in Jakarta.

Increasingly Sophisticated Electronic Devices

One factor that supports the development of Digital Marketing is the advancement of increasingly sophisticated electronic devices. This is in line with the number of people who use the internet. Moreover, with big cities like Jakarta that have access to information that is prioritized. It would be very different when compared to disadvantaged areas that have not yet have access to the internet, then the marketing activities carried out are also automatically hampered.
Digital Marketing Trends in Jakarta in the Future
There are many platforms that have been used by digital marketing as marketing promotion media. Among them are social media, SEO, SEM and so on. In the future, it is not impossible that there will be many new platforms that will emerge in accordance with increasingly complex customer needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become a trend in developed countries as they have begun to think about being able to make efficiencies by using Artificial Intelligence which enables digital marketing activities to run more efficiently than hiring employees who are certainly very large in terms of cost.

Chat Bot

In addition to AI technology, robot-based chat is also one of the trends that will continue to develop in the world of digital marketing. The advantage of a chatbot is, it can answer all forms of responses from consumers and is available at any time for 24 hours. With this, of course again a consideration if you have to employ human labor, because it will save a lot of costs and more efficient.


With the various facts presented above, digital marketing is a solution as well as a future in promoting brands or companies to potential customers. Given the large potential market created by technological advances and wider internet access.
With trends like this, Digital Marketing is no exception in Jakarta, which will continue to grow rapidly in line with consumer needs and increasingly complex technological developments.

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