Brand Storytelling is The Future of Digital Marketing World
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Brand Storytelling is The Future of Digital Marketing World

In the modern world that has increasingly fierce business competition. Many brands feel the need to compete in selling the goods or services they make in order to increase revenue for a brand or company. This consequence makes the brands competing to spend enormous marketing budget. Indeed this is a good signal for the advertising industry both conventional and digital.


However, what generally happens is that the brand is too focused on sales conversion and ROI without thinking about the value of the brand itself. Brands seem to only be merchants who offer merchandise without giving value to them selling. Therefore, brand storytelling is a new method that can provide experience to consumers not only in the form of the use of a product but also the value obtained when using products from a brand.


There are many benefits to getting if you choose this method to represent the brand or product that you are trying to offer. This time we will review what is meant by brand storytelling and how is the prospect in the future? And what approach does the brand use?


What Is Brand Storytelling?

for example, when faced with a minimarket that offers thousands of products. Of the several products, some of them are the same product variants. Then with the same merchandise, how do you identify with one another?


Maybe your first answer is brand name. Maybe the answer could be right or it might not. Because when we see the same two things only branded by, we never really know the difference between the two. We do not know what strengths, uniqueness and other values ​​are given by the product or brand.


That’s where the role of brand storytelling plays an important role in presenting the “value” of a product. There are stories given by producers to consumers. How a product is made, starts with choosing good raw materials, the manufacturing process is closely monitored to become a quality product and gives value to your consumers.


Thus, your product is an entity that has an identity in the midst of a very broad market and intense business competition. The narrative can finally provide a connection to the public in telling the long process of a brand’s history and moving the target consumers to choose your brand.

How To Make Your Brand Narrative Sounds Great

To be able to convey the right narrative around a brand or company. You need a few things to prepare. Like the unique side, how creative processes are needed and the most important is. The narration delivered must be original.


This is very important, because people will tend to be more interested in hearing original stories and not making it up. That way the message delivered can be well received and resonated with the right tone without the need to convey excessive information. Here are a few steps you can take when making a narrative about a brand or product.


Have an Emotional Impact To The Audience

This is a fairly powerful method to use. Namely making the community feel a deep emotional impact. Because many studies say, people are more likely to be interested in making decisions by giving priority to feelings rather than logic. Then this can be applied to your brand. Discover the emotional connection between your product and brand.


For example you show consistency to provide the best quality, using local materials or helping farmers around. That kind of thing will have an immediate emotional impact on the people who will choose your product.


Make The Right Content

The data states that audio or video type content will be more easily accepted by the public than in the form of text. This can be one of your options in developing your brand narrative. Video or voice medium can accommodate your brand message in a more active and effective way to prospective buyers.


How You Deliver The Message

Submitting the right narrative can also determine the success of a brand in telling its products. With a clear and precise delivery, it will help your consumers what the product is actually displaying.

Why You Need Brand Story Telling In The Future

The development trend of the marketing world shows a pattern towards the digital world. This can be seen with the increasing use of the internet almost all over the world. This raises many questions. One of them, how to convey a more effective brand narrative in the future?


One interesting case of this phenomenon is that humans are increasingly complex and more adaptive to many activities and sometimes more easily distracted. Brand must really be more familiar and flexible in conveying the message. By relying on data technology too, your brand can find the right branding method.


As an example, AirBnB is one of the leading companies in the tourism industry. Why is that? Because AirBnB not only sells products but also provides a unique and original experience compared to other competitors. Instead they show a panoramic view of the natural scenery of both mountains and oceans.


AirBnB has a complete catalog of experiences of people who vacation and use their services. They present unique and organic stories from native people. That experience can be a competitive advantage when compared to other brands. This is the reason why AirBnB can be the flagship in the travel industry which is known to have very tight competition


At NAVA + we have an interesting culture and approach to brand storytelling. We assume, that the interaction is happening. Both needs and emotionally with the brand, is a connection that must be channeled properly. Because after all, providing value to consumers is the main goal of the brand story telling itself.