The Effective Way Give Unique Brand Experience to Customers
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The Effective Way Give Unique Brand Experience to Customers

General understanding of brand experience is one type of marketing carried out by providing experience to customers. By conditioning a series of unique “experience” processes when interacting with a brand. This will certainly affect emotional feelings and strong enough interactions between brands and customers.

Naturally, this is the job of the sales and marketing division in creating unique brand experience conditions for users or customers. Later this will have a significant impact in forming loyal customers to your brand.

Important Aspect to Create Unique Brand Experience

To create a unique brand experience, there are several aspects that must be considered. Companies rely on the following aspects to still be able to influence users to remain loyal to your brand. Here are some factors that you should pay attention to.

1. Doing Targeting Ads

This effort aims to provide an experience that makes it easy for customers to be able to reach your brand. Because by targeting ads, brands can freely choose their customers who have slices or interest in a subject that might be related to your brand. This is a digital marketing breakthrough and has become a trend among brands and marketing agencies.

2. Make the Display More Comfortable and Easy

Many practitioners say that in the digital age like now. People no longer remember logos or designs as a form of representation of a brand. More than that, customer experience will greatly determine whether a brand can stick in the user’s memory or not. The solution for this case is to make the display more comfortable and easier than the unique logo design.

As a brief example, one of Netflix’s streaming services uses only the N-shaped logo in red and a little line accent. However, more than that they are more focused on providing screen views (user interface that is attractive and easily understood by its customers.

That way Netflix can fulfill the aspects to provide adequate user experience (UX) for its users. This is more effective when compared to only paying attention to the design side but ignores UI and UX features

3. Creating Community Among Customers

To stay close to its users, brands can carry out strategies by forming communities that serve as a bridge between brands and customers. The intended community can be a campaign run by a brand involving customer participation in moving it. In addition, events that occur can also be other alternatives in creating the community.

4. Using Digital Platform to Connect with Audience

To be able to provide a positive brand image in the eyes of the customer. So utilizing social media can be the right choice. The presence of a brand on Social Media will make customers feel close and fully served. This also makes it easier for customers to get updated information related to the brand. There are many platforms that can be used, ranging from social media, websites, blogs, apps and email marketing.

5. Collaborate With Other Services

There are several trends that are happening lately. There are many industries that collaborate with each other despite having different services. What exactly happened with this condition? This proves that customers tend to prefer to make a purchase in one place. This is new in the marketing world, if in the past it would be very difficult to see one product side by side with products from different brands in the same container.

This makes brands have to adapt to meet those needs. There are several things that need to be noted, by doing this way. Then the brand has a greater opportunity to provide services to customers. In addition, this is also the right promotional media for customers to know or term cross purchasing of brands that they have not known before.


From the explanation above, it can be understood that forming a brand experience is not easy. Requires the right approach and does not necessarily produce instant results. Therefore, the brand must be smart to see the situation and adapt to the increasingly complex customer desires.

However, the main focus is to provide an interesting experience when visiting or buying our brand. Because if you cannot accommodate this, then not only will you fail to sell the product, but more than that will certainly affect your own brand awareness.

Forget for a moment about traditional marketing that relies on discounts or striking logo designs because it can be practically outdated. The brand wants customers to experience the process of brand experience, recognize the brand and ultimately convert sales. Vice versa, the customer also wants to go through the process with a short and easy journey. That is where the role of brand experience marketing strategy can be used.