5 Things to Consider Before You Choose Creative Agency

5 Things to Consider Before You Choose Creative Agency

5 Things to Consider Before You Choose Creative Agency

In Indonesia where content is considered as a “king”, brands are trying harder to come up with content as creative as possible. This is where a creative agency can help brands like you, whether it’s for a marketing campaign or a company’s rebrand. However, choosing the right creative agency can be challenging since there are so many options of creative agency Jakarta. Below here are several important things you need to consider before choosing a creative agency for your brand.

Right measurement

A great creative agency should provide a creative content that suits the brand’s objective. But please remember that a creative content is beyond pretty pictures or catchy copywritings. So, when you’re looking for the best creative agency Jakarta, choose one that combines design and marketing strategies together to maximize your ROI. This kind of creative agency usually has metrics to measure the project’s success.

For instance, let’s say you work together with a creative agency Jakarta to conduct a digital marketing campaign to introduce a new product. You build a new website and advertise this new product across the brand’s social media accounts. With this kind of campaign, a creative agency should use metrics like social engagement, cost per click, and impressions to measure the success of the project.

Decent portfolio

When looking for a creative agency, make sure to learn about their track record. It’s okay to ask for their portfolio first. By seeing their portfolio, you’ll know what kind of projects they’ve done in the past, how experienced are they to handle the project you’re about to propose, and what kind of brands they’re worked together with. A decent portfolio doesn’t always have many brands or clients. As long as the campaign’s metrics are met, the goal is reached and that’s a decent portfolio you should be looking for.

Your involvement in the creative process

Just because you’ve asked a creative agency to help you come up with creative strategies for your brand, it doesn’t mean they can cut you off the loop. As their client, you need to know what happens in every step of the creative process. That means they should allow you to have 100% involvement. This way, you’ll understand what is going on in the creative process, which ideally includes:

  1. Preparation – gathering information or data.
  2. Incubation – letting your mind wander to stretch your ideas.
  3. Illumination – making connections between ideas (aha! moment).
  4. Implementation – the actual making, giving form to your idea.

Good reference

This one can be tricky because creative agencies, including a creative agency Jakarta, will most likely not give bad references from previous clients or brands. Take some time to determine if the reference comes from a reputable business. However, the reference doesn’t have to be in the same industry. It’s actually a bonus if it isn’t from the same industry because that means they will be more open to being honest with you.

Ask this reference what it’s like to work with the creative agency. Were they easy to work with? Were this reference involved in every step of the process? Did they enjoy the creative process? Were they happy with the result? And would they work again with this particular creative agency in the future?

Offers a variety of in-house skills

No matter how creative a digital marketing strategy is, it all comes down to the implementation. This is why it’s better to choose a creative agency that provides full service or complete in-house skills. You won’t have to worry about looking for another vendor to fulfill a specific need—just because the creative agency doesn’t have one.

But what kind of in-house skills that should be provided by a creative agency? Well, the answer depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a creative agency to rebrand your company, find the one that offers IT consulting and development like Nava+ in Jakarta, Indonesia as you will most likely need to create a new web design for the rebranding purpose. An offline media planning skill also needs to be considered since you might want to spread the news about this rebrand outside the digital world. 

Since there are so many options of creative agency Jakarta, Indonesia, choosing the one that suits your needs might be tricky. Make sure to consider these five important things to help you find the right creative agency for your brand. Good luck!