Graphic Design Trends That Will Improve Your Brand in 2020
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Graphic Design Trends That Will Improve Your Brand in 2020

The Digital Industry has experienced rapid and rapid change. This can be seen from the many technologies and platforms with new innovations that have sprung up. Even in providing services to users in the digital world, the User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are part of the backbone. No wonder the Graphic Design profession plays a very basic and important role. So that the profession is no longer just a sweetener / complement.

A good graphic design will provide convenience for every user, in meeting their needs. Conversely for bad graphic design, it will provide a less pleasant experience for users, when visiting a particular website. Graphic design that has a clear structure will also provide a good experience, and make users return to the websites they have visited because the experience they feel for the website tends to be satisfying.

Graphic Design Trend in 2020

2020 graphic design trends

Many people are interested in seeing what graphic design trends will look like in the coming year, given the growing need for graphics. Here are some types of graphic design trends 2020 which are expected to reap success:

1. Depth and 3D Realism

At the peak of 2019, 3D design trends began to increase rapidly. Thanks to sophisticated technology and software, 3D design compositions such as 3D illustrations are becoming increasingly impressive.

2. Shiny Metal

Another 2020 design trend is shiny metal, or using metal material for the brand identity or packaging design of a particular product. This trend is also expected to be able to lift its brand in the coming year.

3. Using Many Typographic Elements

Typography is also one of the 2020 graphic design trends that will further develop. Thick typography trends combined with a very prominent artistic typography are expected to be a favorite.

4. Art Lines

Line art is a schematic and simpler style of illustration. Line art with certain motion graphics is one of the preferred decorations in the 2020 graphic design trends.

5. Picture and Photo Collage

Another trend that is quite interesting and has also developed well is collage of images and photos, with some doodle illustrations for free that will help the composition of feelings for example in fun handmade drawings.

What Aspects Are Most Needed?

2020 graphic design trends

There are many outstanding design experiments in 2020, which also increasingly empower online businesses by developing logo design as a tool, by web designers. Here are some aspects needed in business design this year:

1. Texture

The first aspect is texture. There are 2020 designers who use texture photos from real life, then use digital effects.

2. Monochrome Effects

The 2020 monochrome graphic design trend has experienced growth this year, but it has become simpler. For example, many color palettes with a vintage impression, which gives a nostalgic effect on a visual design.

3. Video animation

An animated video also plays an important role in the business world, which increases loyalty to a large brand of a product. This video animation trend is widely applied to an online business, which is applied in the company’s social media.

If you look at some graphic design characters that exist in 2020, of course there is a lot of interesting content for these users. For example an image with a flat design, combined with a certain color scheme, an attractive color gradient coupled with choosing a unique heavy font.


2020 graphic design trends

Graphic design trends in 2020 are expected to continue to boom and increase the reputation of your brand. The types of trends that are expected to be excellent include graphics that show depth and 3D realism, use many typographic elements, use shiny metal elements, bold lines of art, and add collages with photos and videos.